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Cross border financing

Cash in advance and / or letters of credit are not always competitive terms in the international marketplace. Our customers in emerging markets often face scarce local capital and credit lines as well as sometimes rather high interest rates, making it difficult or even sometimes impossible to order the equipment/goods needed or make the investments necessary without export finance terms being extended. Co-operation based on partnership with our business partners, suppliers and customers is our purpose, especially when it comes to financing. In accordance with the requirements of our business partners, our experienced Financeteam is prepared to provide or arrange for:

  • Pre-financing;
  • Assumption of risk in respect of country (political risk) and currency exchange (currency risk);
  • Deferred payments;
  • Structured financing:
    • Arrangement of Tied Buyer’s Loans
    • Structuring of Project Finance (debt and - in special cases - equity portion)
    • Granting of Supplier’s loans
    • Financing through compensation and barter agreements

We co-operate with a large number of international banks, financial institutions, Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) and private credit insurers world-wide with whom we have been linked for decades in a spirit of amicable relations.